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ImCred Patent AB

ImCred Patent AB is a consultancy company specialized in intellectual property (IP) matters within the life science area. ImCred Patent provides advise with a heavy focus on IP-strategy and the US patent law, particularly  IP-matters in the interface between patent laws and regulatory laws. The Company was founded 2010 by Ann-Sofie Sternås. In addition to its own competence, ImCred Patent can offer a global network of top-quality IP laywers, investors and CRO´s.

Ann-Sofie Sternås

Ann-Sofie Sternås is an authorized European Patent Attorney and is also authorized to act before the Swedish Patent Office. With over 30 years of IP experience from the pharmaceutical industry, of which almost 20 years as an in-house attorney in the pharmaceutical industry (Astra/AstraZeneca, Pharmacia), Ann-Sofie has gained an extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in relation to what actually does matter when designing and creating a strong IP position for a drug discovery and development project, and in the end for a commercial drug product.

During  the majority of her career, Ann-Sofie has worked with IP matters with a global perspective. ” During my almost 20 years as an in-house attorney within “big pharma”, I had the privilege to work with IP matters in all phases of a drug discovery and development project and all the way to a commercial product. I had the opportunity to be deeply involved in i.a. external collaborations, due diligence work, licencing matters, agreement matters and parallell trade matters. During almost 10 years I also had the privilege to be deeply involved in IP litigation of several block-buster drugs, which has given me an invaluable knowledge and insight in what is important when creating an adequate IP-position for a contemplated pharmaceutical product.”

During the period 2012-2016, Ann-Sofie was employed by the investment company Karolinska Development AB, which has given her a useful insight and understanding of the challenges which smaller life science companies face, as well as the challenges and opportunities which an investor faces.

Without a strong IP position such as adequate patent protection, making sure to not infringe third party patents as well as critical agreement related aspects, it is unlikely that one will be successful in attracting an investor for the project. This in turn means that promising and excellent projects which deserve financial support, stand a risk of not getting any financial support if there is a lack of IP strategy, or if patent drafting and prosecution has been handled by people without sufficient experience and without the required legal qualifications. There are many pieces in the IP puzzle that do not only need to fall in the right place, they need to fall into the right place in the right way and at the right time. A person who is not a legally qualified attorney will not be able to protect your business assets under the so called legal privilege rules, and this is highly likely to be detrimental in a potential future IP litigation situation. Hence, drafting patent applications and writing opinions on patent validity/invalidity, and in relation to patent infringement/non-infringement, should be left to legally qualified attorneys.

“I am passionate about being able to contribute in creating a strong IP position for new inventions, and to see projects advance to the next phase in the drug development phase. I look at the big picture with an IP strategic and legal mindset for a future drug product…with a future commercial perspective. Only the best is good enough for me. And when the time is ripe for an investor or potential partner to perform a due diligence of the IP assets, it will be decisive how IP matters have been handled from the start of the project. And in the best of worlds, the project may be so successful that it results in a new pharmaceutical product that can be commercialized… and for a successful drug product it is more likely than not, that generic companies will challenge the patents in their striving to launch their own “Copycats”. For these reasons, it is key that  project IP has been handled in a legally sensible manner.”

If you need professional IP advise, support in the handling of your patent activities, agreement-related matters, due diligence matters or anything else, ImCred Patent would be delighted to help!

Welcome to contact me, and I'm happy to discuss your needs and what ImCred Patent can offer – all based on your wish and needs.